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We plant a tree for every single order that we receive. We feel that, as a vegan business, we have a responsibility to ensure that our business activities do not adversely affect the environment and the planet that we all share.

Even though our products are all 100% vegan, our packaging is very environmentally friendly, and we've eliminated plastics from our business, we still need to go one step further! As an online business, our activities generate a lot of carbon through manufacturing and shipping. We also get through a lot of cardboard which, even though it is very easy to recycle, still needs to be manufactured, treated etc. This all adds carbon to our atmosphere. 

This is why we decided to plant trees to offset these carbon emissions. At the end of each month, we tally up the number of orders we've received and we plant trees for each and every order. The trees that we've been planting recently are the Indian Rosewood trees, as part of the Eden Project in Nepal. These are fast-growing trees that reach between 20 and 30 metres tall, and soak up an estimated 580kg of carbon over their 20 year C02 offset period.

According to, the estimated carbon emissions in the UK is around 5 tonnes per person, per year. We all need to do our best to soak up as much of that carbon as possible to help slow climate change. With our chocolate boxes, it's easy to get started!

Check out our forest online here