Vegan Chocolate Selection - Fruity & Coconutty

Vegan Chocolate Selection - Fruity & Coconutty

  • What's better than a surprise vegan chocolate delivery? Send a yummy surprise to friends or loved ones.

    Each box is printed with our logo and signature pattern, and packed with 100% recycled ivory coloured tissue paper. The boxes are made from at least 90% recycled materials and are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. The box is shipped inside a Manila envelope so that there aren't any shipping labels on the box and to protect it from rain and damage. Boxes are perfectly sized to fit in the recipient's letterbox, so they don't need to wait around to sign or be at home to receive them!

    This box contains the following vegan chocolate bars:

    Gnaw Chocolate -Goji & Cashew (100g)
    Seed & Bean - Coconut & Raspberry (70g)
    Fellow Creatures - Creamy Milkless Bar (70g)
    Raw Chocolate Company - Silky Coconut Bar (38g)
    Nomo - Fruit Crunch Bar (32g)
    Raw Halo - Mylk & Vanilla (22g)
    Moo Free - Bunnycomb (20g)

    Every order plants a tree in our Tree-Nation forest with a 400kg carbon offset. Eat chocolate and reduce your carbon footprint!!