Nuts about Chocolate

Nuts about Chocolate

  • An incredible selection of the best vegan snacks, sweets & chocolates.


    Creamy Chocolate (85g). Creamy tasting vegan choc has arrived and it’s here to stay!


    Organic Cashew Nut Butter. "A caramelly, earthy alternate to a chocolate nut spread."

    King Monty

    Classic Cacao Tin (130g). "King Monty reinvents the best of the best, and combines Belgian know-how with creamy rice milk.!

    Gnaw Chocolate

    Organic Goji Berry & Cashew Nut. "Lovingly handcrafted to bring natural organic ingredients to add the sweet and subtle tastes and textures to make this decadent 100g bar one of those bar’s you need to sit down and relax with."


    Dairy & Gluten Free Hot Chocolate. "No gluten, no dairy and yet full of flavor!"

    Seed & Bean

    Orange & Thyme (85g). "The combination of sweet citrus is perfectly wedded here with a hint of Thyme to make for a truly delicious yet delicately flavoured bar of chocolate."

    Raw Halo

    Dark Salted Caramel (22g). "Vegan friendly caramel flavour and pink Himalayan salt. Indulgent chocolate with shine, snap, and smoothness in every bite."

    Moo Free

    Bunnycomb Bar. "Award winning free from chocolate sprinkled with crunchy pieces of delicious, vegan friendly honeycomb toffee."

    The earliest expiry date is April, 2021 so this would make a great Christmas or Veganuary gift!