YAY! Ethical Sourcing Prevalent in Vegan Chocolate Industry

Vegan chocolate companies often bear the Fairtrade logo on their packaging. Ethically sourcing raw ingredients has become increasingly important to vegan chocolate manufacturers and also to consumers.

Would you be happy to buy a product if you know the ingredients have been sourced unfairly?

The answer should, of course, be no.

The raw ingredients that go in to making vegan chocolate usually come from some of the world's poorest regions, so it's important that we ensure that the farmers who work hard to produce these ingredients are fairly rewarded for their work.

Where do vegan chocolate ingredients come from?

Cocoa is usually grown in countries on the equator in hot and humid conditions. Cocoa mainly comes from West Africa, South America and South-East Asia. In general, cocoa farms are run by families in small plantations. Many vegan chocolate companies strike up direct relationships with these families, ensuring that all of the profit goes directly to them and to their families.

This kind of relationship is in stark contrast to palm oil plantations, which are typically vast, spanning thousands of hectares and are often owned by large corporations. In these instances, there is very little benefit to local people and problems like child labour are rife.

At YAY! Vegan! we screen all of our vegan chocolate suppliers to ensure that they are all sourcing their raw ingredients fairly. We never include any products that contain palm oil or substandard ingredients. The majority of our suppliers are Fairtrade certified, or are operating in accordance with ethical sourcing principles.

How does Fairtrade help local communities?

Fairtrade ensures that companies cannot pay too low a price for raw ingredients and also ensures that local workers' rights are protected. If a product bears the Fairtrade logo, you can be confident that the ingredients have been sourced without exploiting workers or communities.

The Fairtrade Premium is used to collect money to distribute back to the loca