Vegan Bunny Candles Coming Soon In Our New Vegan Hamper!

Chai Latte Spiced Vegan Candle - Yay Vegan Gift Hamper

We've been big fans of Vegan Bunny for a while now, so when we decided to add a vegan candle to our new vegan gift hamper, we knew exactly where to turn!

Vegan Bunny is run by two bunnies (sisters) based in Oxfordshire. We love their ethos, and if you're familiar with them, you'll know that they have been involved in many tree-planting initiatives and are determined to run a carbon-neutral, zero waste business! Their recent tree-planting initiatives have planted over 800 trees! Wow! You can check out their virtual forest here.

Back to the candles! They are all hand-made by the bunnies and are one of the most elegant, premium vegan candles that we've come across. They even won Best Vegan Candle of The Year in Peta's Vegan Homeware Awards in 2018. They've been featured in countless magazine and publications but still remain true to their principles!

We decided that our first order would be the Chai Latte Soy Candle, which comes in a stylish copper tin. The scent is instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever had a chai latte! There are heavy notes of cinnamon and ginger which give this candle a quite Christmassy aroma! Cue the nostalgic feelings of childhood Christmas flooding back to you! It made a great change from the slew of candles with scents that are so subtle that you almost have to bury your whole face in the flame just to catch a whiff. No such trouble with these beauties!

These sweet Vegan Bunny candles will be making their way in to our new vegan hampers, coming very very soon at Our hampers make great gifts for friends and loved ones who are actively looking to limit their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment.