Our Vegan Mega Box has arrived!

We've been working on a new vegan snack hamper for a while, and we were finally able to release it last week. This is our first step away from the "Letterbox Hampers" that we initially focussed on.

"Ermmm, what's a Mega Box?" I hear you asking.

It's 32 of the best vegan chocolate, snacks, sweets and treats in one compostable, recycled box! This vegan snack hamper has a star-studded line up and includes items from vegan mainstays Candy Kittens, Jealous Sweets and Deliciously Ella.

We've updated our packaging with a new design and bolder logo but we were adamant that we wouldn't be lured in to using unsustainable materials. We wanted to stick to our eco-friendly design. Our vegan hamper boxes are made from a minimum of 90% recycled materials and are made in a facility powered by renewable energy! It's so important to us that our business is carbon neutral and that starts with our packaging!

Plastic-free should go without saying for all e-commerce businesses, but it's so important that switching to cardboard/paper doesn't contribute to unsustainable deforestation! We're really proud that our packaging is carbon neutral.

Is it excessive to buy a vegan hamper with 32 items in it? No way! You probably shouldn't try and tackle all these vegan goodies in one sitting, although we'd love to hear from you if you did manage it!! One of the best things about vegan snacks is the amazing shelf-life of the products! The vast majority of the items in your snack hamper will have at least 3 months until the best before date, and they don't need to be kept in the fridge!

We're really excited to include the awesome Lemon & Ginger CBD bar from Eat Nooro. Not only is it delicious, but it's packed with oats to keep energy levels up between meals. The CBD derives from organically grown hemp and purports to increase and support cognitive function.

Remember that every hamper we sell means a donation to Young Minds UK, which is a fantastic charity that supports mental health in young people. We will contribute at least £1 for every Mega Box that we sell. Have a watch below from the Young Minds UK website and consider making a donation if you can.

Visit us at or drop us an email at for more information.