Little Suds Vegan Soap now available!

Vegan Soap for our Vegan Gift Hampers

Recently, we've been looking to expand out of vegan chocolate and vegan snacks, and we've been looking at other vegan and accidentally vegan products that we can include in sweet little gift hampers .

We always aim to find local suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint and we were so happy to stumble across lovely Julia and her amazing company Little Suds, which makes beautiful, hand-made vegan soaps.

Little Suds are based in Berkhamsted, which is just over 20 miles from us, so it was so easy to arrange delivery to coincide with Julia's other deliveries in the surrounding area. Avoiding unnecessary trips in the car is such a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and those 20, 30, 40 mile round-trips quickly add up!

Little Suds has a wide range of hand-made vegan soaps and Julia runs a very tight ship to ensure they don't use any plastic in their prep, packaging or store displays! None of their ingredients are tested on animals, which makes us super super happy! You wouldn't believe how many of the soaps and bathroom products you would find in the supermarket are tested on animals! None of their vegan soaps contain palm oil, too! Great news!

Our first order was the Heaven Scent Big Heart soaps, which is made up of a vegetable base and has an intoxicating lemon and lavender aroma. Instead of microbeads, which are fast becoming the scourge of our oceans, these soaps contain poppy seeds as a natural exfoliant.

Little Suds describe their soap as "luxurious, nourishing, vegan-friendly, vegetable base which produces a wonderfully rich, creamy, moisturising lather that leaves your skin feeling super soft & supply after every wash. Each soap or shampoo contains at least one pure essential oil that has been chosen very carefully, not just for its beautiful aroma but for its reputed health-enhancing & mood boosting properties too."

If you want to check out more of Little Suds' products, head over to their website They have great travel sets, so why not stock up for an upcoming holiday!

The Heaven Scent Big Heart vegan candle is available to purchase here in our Pretty In Pink Hamper , pictured below.

Premium Vegan Gift Hamper - Vegan Candle Gift

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