Q: Are all of your products suitable for vegans?

A: Yes! All of the products on our site are free from animal products.

Q: Are your products suitable for people with nut allergies?

A: Unfortunately, many of the products on our website contain nuts or may contain traces of nuts. 

Q: Do the products on your site contain palm oil?

A: Nope. None of the products on our site contain palm oil.

Q: Are all of your products Fairtrade?

A: Not all of our suppliers have Fairtrade certification. However, we only work with suppliers who demonstrate an outstanding ethical sourcing policy.

Q: How much is the delivery?

A: Please see our Delivery Page for more information.

Q: Is your packaging recyclable or compostable?

A: All of our own packaging is made from recycled materials, and can either be recycled or composted. Most of the products on our website are in recyclable or compostable packaging. Read more on our Packaging Page.

Q: Do you manufacture any of the chocolate?

A: Nah. We leave it to the experts! We just sample all the best vegan chocolate out there and bring the best tasting chocolate from the most ethical companies to you!

For any other questions, just drop us an email at yo@yayvegan.co.uk