About Us

We are Jack and Edward (and yes most people call us Jedward) from

Yay Vegan.

We set up Yay Vegan in April 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

We had gotten hooked on vegan chocolate during a Veganuary binge, and shortly after, the idea for our vegan chocolate letterbox gifts was born!

Starting this business has opened our eyes to so many amazing vegan products made by fantastic, independent companies with great stories and ethics.


We met when we were both living in Bangkok, Thailand.


Edward was born in the Philippines and moved to Thailand when he was 26. Jack is English but moved to Thailand when he was 23. Edward has been a city boy all of his life having grown up in Manila and then Bangkok, whereas Jack is more of a country boy preferring the suburbs and the quiet to the bright, city lights! 

2 years, 1 marriage proposal and 1 stressful visa application later and we arrived safe and sound in England with our little doggos Zoey & Milo in May, 2019.

Adjusting to life in England has been a gradual process for both of us and we're so glad to finally be settled and ready to focus on our new and exciting vegan business!

What's important to us?


Planting Trees

As an online business, we know that our shipping will create substantial carbon output. We plant trees to ensure we are carbon neutral at least!